Billie Holiday in one of her last performances, taken at the Storyville nightclub in the Copley Square Hotel, c. April 24, 1959

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Norma Shearer photograped by Lazlo Willinger, 1939

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Billie Holiday at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, November 1958 (via)

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Happy 110th Birthday Greer Garson | 29 september, 1904 - 6 april, 1996

Why did I become an actress? I think because I am fascinated by the variety and scope of human experience. I am not content to live just one existence. I have always had a strong imagination and in my roles I feel that I live other lives. And the hazards and disappointments of an acting career and the solemn dissuasions of all my friends and advisers were a challenge. It has not been easy, but I believe that the best kind of success is not won easily and that a few hard knocks on the way are good for the soul. When I look back on some of my bitterest disappointments I realize that, in the long run, they were really strokes of good fortune. Things eventually turned out far better than if I had achieved what seemed so desperately important at the moment. So I believe that as one door closes, another will open.

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Susan Hayward


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All I know about getting something that you want is that there are three essential things: wanting, trying and getting the opportunity, the breaks. None works alone without the others. Wanting is basic. Trying is up to you. And the breaks - I do know this, they always happen.

Happy birthday Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson!

(September 29th 1904 - April 6th 1996) 

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Ray Milland and Anna Neagle in a scene from Irene (1940)

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Ray Milland and Anna Neagle in a scene from Irene (1940)

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aesthetic: ray milland in mid-embrace

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Irene (1940) was cute ki l l me - i have never been more infatuated with an actors profile in my sad life - aside from maybe buster keatons but thATS It - ray stupid ray milland dumbface l0ser -

lmao a marilyn monroe blog addressing an anon asking about marilyn’s bisexuality first responds with (i’m paraphrasing and being mildly sarcastic but you get the point):

oh we won’t ever know marilyn’s sexuality because we cannot ask her about it and that’s the only way we could know oh also she only had relationships w/ men so!! *hint hint she was probs straight*

then says to other anon remarking on the fact that marilyn lived in a very oppressive and homophobic society so she really could only openly have relationships with men:

there is no evidence to suggest anything other than marilyn was really sstraight!! i’m not changing my answer!! marilyn was not bisexual.

marilyn monroe is not a fucking case study and her sexuality should not be up for debate! what is wrong with people?? that is so disrespectful

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good marilyn blogs are rare - i'm going to post this here so hopefully other OH fans see how gross this way of thinking is -

Deborah Kerr photographed by Bob Landry, 1947

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Ann Sheridan, 1940

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